We believe that education is a process of transforming the Young into holistic person, in preparation for his eternal destiny with the Creator.

Welcome to St. Catherine's College

St. Catherine’s College defines clearly the responsibility, functions and relationships of its personnel in such a way that coordination, cooperation, and a unified effort can bring about the achievement of its goals.

Inspired by an abiding faith in God, and guided by the Dominican Spirituality, St. Catherine’s College is committed to develop Filipino, Catholic, Dominican graduates who are:

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SCC High School Department in consonance with its V/M/G IS committed to prepare its students to:

• Bring the Gospel value of truth, justice, peace and compassion wherever they may be;
• Acquire functional knowledge, values and attitudes, habits and skills that will prepare them for tertiary education and for life;
• Develop and form conviction and commitment to continuous learning and love for work;
• Use their God-given talents for the service of others especially the less fortunate;
• Make and ardent devotion to the Mother of God;
• Appreciate their cultural heritage and tradition. Read More